About me

Hi! My name is Vinicius Schettino. I am a Software Engineer, R&D tech, consultant and occasional speaker. My expertise lies on backend stuff, like Python, Go, Node.js, DevOps, Linux and databases, especially PostgreSQL. I am an open source passionate, and a researcher of this ecosystem. My consulting has been focused on remote work, distributed workflows, code quality, DevOps and PostgreSQL performance/monitoring. If you want to know more about my skills, check out my online Resume.

I have a bachelor degree on Information Systems and a Master’s degree on Computer Science, focused on software engineering and how distributed teams do code review. Now I’m pursuing an PhD studying DevOps Practices on Machine Learning and Data Science Products.

I am always open to help people out and participate on projects that can truly transform the way people interact with machines and other people. If you think my skills can help you out this kind of enterprise, please reach me out!

About this site

This site hosted on Gitlab Pages and is powered by Gatsby, with extra help of the Lumen Starter. The code also lives on Gitlab. The content is written in markdown and build on a static website. That’s why it is so fast!

Here I post mainly small tips and personal opinions. Personal opinions usually smell like rants, but I do my best to avoid this feeling. I also explain the rationale behind decisions I make, since they might help others confront their point of view. I often bring a quick intro for some nice tooling I bump around, and why I think they are nice.