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HackNews 76

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The bright age of containers, Python ‘is not’ vs ’==’ and clean code tips, Github Actions and more fresh news @ HackNews #76 ! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.”

  1. Container-like structures shape the way programmers interact with computers and OS since the early days. This tale is told by this nice article, pointing out the main events that changed the way we develop and deploy software now.
  2. Robert Martin’s Clean Code is a best seller that presents us the tools to write better, fancier and more maintainable software. These guidelines try to adhere to those principles using the Python’s constructions and features, exploring the best of which language to write better software, as done in other languages.
  3. Github Actions is a tool heavily inspired on GitLab CI, and it is getting more fans by the clock. The main advantages explained on this article are performance and ease of use over Travis CI.
  4. Statically typed Python is a new way of achieving higher levels of maintainability and debugging, and mypi allows you to optionally and gradually migrate your existing codebase. Here are some tips on how to use and configure the tool for better results.
  5. Be careful on NULL fields in SQL and know how to avoid the common pitfalls whenever working with unknown values.