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SEO & CLI tips, Software Quality vs cost, maintainable tests, distributed Python and more on #HackNews 77! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.”

  1. SEO is an important thing. People are right when they see it as a way to better exposing your content by helping search engines and social networks to understand it better. But that is it. It is better focus on your content and its frequency than be obsessed with taking a 100/100 score on some random online SEO Analyzer. You don’t need their approval :)
  2. Martin Fowler is a venerable expert on software engineering — although he wouldn’t like that title. In this post he tries to explain to non technical people what is software quality. He focus on clear examples of internal quality, with nice allegories that help them understand why it is so important.
  3. Our workspace is our den. Making it comfortable and efficient is an important task that some command line tips can help you to achieve.
  4. Some piece of advice on how to build elegant, meaningful and maintainable tests in Python (and pretty much every language).
  5. PEP 614 aims to have a more broad and relaxed syntax on Python decorators. As for now, only dotted simple style is allowed. The idea is to have any valid expression, like using lists, callables, etc. This restriction came from a Gut feeling from Guido Van Rossum, Python’s creator, that couldn’t see a good use case for more complex decorator declarations.
  6. pg_flame is a nice utility that you can use to better visualize the EXPLAIN output in PostgreSQL. It is useful for blog posts, lectures and general discussion over database optimization.
  7. A few examples on how to use python’s Ray to easily scale from serial to parallel processing, using AWS clusters. It is a young project still, but with a lot of buzzing around and some neat features. I intend to test it out with more depth and make an post about it later.