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HackNews 78

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Remote work tips, developer happiness, Python data analysis and even CLI weather report on #HackNews 78! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.

  1. How about getting a weather report on your terminal? just type curl and wait for it :)
  2. What you do differently when working remote? Some good practices can make it more enjoyable. New studies show that remote work is getting more popular and overall people are happier doing it.
  3. Developers are humans, even tough people tend to forget. We usually work under pressure, targeting results and fast deliveries. Even if it is hard to avoid this scenario, there are important aspects developers and managers should look out about their happiness and how to keep an healthy lifestyle, both personally and professionally.
  4. I’m sure you know all about console.log() in JavaScript. But how about console.table()? Find out what more you’ve been missing.
  5. Some nice tips on how to find details about your hardware using CLI (Linux).
  6. Ryan Burmeister-Morrison talks about three important characteristics of good developers: laziness, impatience, and hubris.
  7. Please print it and pin into your desk: how to undo stuff using git.
  8. Using Python to investigate NBA assists.
  9. Usually Python does not have much hidden quirks to get it moving on — things behave in a somewhat expected/standard way. It means you should understand how basic structures are designed, like the NoneType object: How to compare them, how they behave in basic operations and what exactly is None.