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Remote hiring tips, REST API design, Python Requests advanced usage, Postgres query optimization assistant and much more on #HackNews 79! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.

  1. How to take out the best of your console when writing JavaScript apps!
  2. On the beginning of computer science, a “Hello World” program would pretty much show you that your program was working, and you got all the basics in order to get started. Now, this “I’m ready” goes much farther than just print something on your screen. Some tips on how to get a realistic “Hello World” for modern times.
  3. A handbook on HTTP Status Codes.
  4. Hiring is yet another thing that is changing with remote work. The offer increases, but interested people does as well. Some practical tips that can benefit both those looking for a remote job, as well as hiring.
  5. Design REST APIs is not hard, but it comes with a lot of decision making and assumptions about the future. As soon as your first client start making requests, you will have to be careful about what you change on your interface. There are some principles that can help you avoid this kind of trouble and make endpoints that everybody can use and adapt for their own needs.
  6. When to refactor and when to rewrite that painful piece of crap code?
  7. Requests is one of the most used python modules. Its design is both simple enough to be a low level dependency and manage complex usage scenarios. It can handle retries, async calls and timeout setup in order to work through anything you need. Some tips on advanced usage of requests lib.
  8. Joe Bot is a nice (and bold!) project that aims to give you a chat-like interface to help you develop and optimize queries for PostreSQL. It comes with a lot of helping features, some rich feedbacks and it is growing everyday. Check it out!