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HackNews 80

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Unbreakable python programs, software quality metrics, how to avoid slowness on development teams and much more on HackNews #80! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.

  1. Reasons to think PostgreSQL as the world’s best database.
  2. Tips on how to write solid and reliable Python software. Some approaches from functional programing are really helpful on writing readable code.
  3. Human Programming Interface is nice Python project intended to expose an friendly way to bring your data from many social networks, plataforms and etc. The project already works with Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and more.
  4. Steve Dower talks about of a simple, reliable and effective python metric to measure many faces of code quality: Readability, Consistency, Complexity and some more.
  5. Django, the most famous Python framework, is passing through some changes on its steering and governance.
  6. Using dhash to create and compare image fingerprints with Python.
  7. Common attack vectors hackers use to get into web applications.
  8. A common feedback software teams receive is both direct and painful: they’re slow. The problem usually comes from bad metrics or bad organization, so here are some tips on how to avoid that.
  9. Git bisect is here for save your skin from that nasty bug you are chasing for hours!