HackNews 78

Remote work tips, developer happiness, Python data analysis and even CLI weather report on #HackNews 78! Hot news from projects I follow closely and software engineering.


Why I left PHP community

If you want to hear that 'PHP is bad', this is not the right place. Even though I don't code in PHP for some years now, I kept up to date to its community so far. Some because some consulting I do has to do with it, some because the language is evolving and trying to keep up with new paradigms and concepts of modern programming languages. Yesterday I unsubscribe for the last PHP newsletter, and I think it was a symbolic action. Now I would like to share the rationale behind this decision.


Expose your local server to the internet with ngrok

I first bumped to ngrok in 2017. Recently more than one colleague asked me about SSH tunnels to expose local servers/ports to the internet, and things started to get a bit complex -- that is where ngrok comes to aid. It gets easier test external callbacks, use SEO tools and more having a way to access your server from any place.


My git aliases

For those who prefer using the terminal to control the repository workflow, git commands might look verbose after hundreds of executions. That two or three seconds choosing and typing the right parameters sum up at the end of the day, but it is not only that: It can steal a bit of your attention and you will take some time to focus on your task again. Git aliases are in town to let you tackle this issue and get back those precious seconds! I wanted to share some of mine as examples of nice git aliases.